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The farm made up of 4.5 Ha of cultivated and 55Ha of barren land in the year 1979/80. The farm is developed using the new scientific techniques in conjunction with …


Agro Processing

Get insights of how the Chashew and Vanilla are processed.

Spice Plants

Occupying an enormous area of 130 acres, 60 acres of this area is exclusively devoted to the cultivation of Spices, Fruits, Medicinal trees and Herbs.



  • Nice place one can feel close to nature here good experience

    Bonie Valento
  • Excellent hospitality, busy but quite slick despite it looking a little chaotic. Food reasonable, our guide Cyril was fantastic and made it very interesting. Recommended. Missed the elephants though

    Maria Weldon
  • An eye opener to what nature offers and we take for granted. Beautiful place and very courteous staff. Welcome, explanation and tour of the property- awesome. Food was icing on the cake.Moreover, kid loved the place. When in Goa, a must visit. Totally paisa vasool. Good luck.

    Prachi Shukla

Agro Processing

  • Cashew Processing
  • Vanila Processing

The cashew kernel are packed into plastic bags of different sized for sale in local market and in tins of 10kgs for sending to other markets

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The process of grading is designed to sort the white cashew kernel into different grades. The white kernel is divided into two main types wholes and pieces. The wholes are …

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The inner shell of the kernel has to be removed to produce the white nuts. The peeling process is designed to remove this inner soft shell after the kernel is …

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The roasted cashew nuts are then taken to the cutting department to remove the outer shell. This is a complex process and requires highly skilled labor to get maximum unbroken …

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The outer shell of the raw cashew nuts has to be removed to produce the edible cashew kernel. The outer shell of the cashew is very hard and it contains …

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The raw cashew nuts are procured from the local farmers and local market. These cashew nuts are dried in the sun for a period of two days and are then …

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The next step involves the spreading of the beans in racks kept in well-ventilated room maintained around a temperature of 35oC and relative humidity of 70 per cent. The duration …

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Later on, the beans are spread in hot sun (from 12 noon to 2 pm) over wooden loft on a clean black blanket. The temperature of the bean, at this …

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The beans taken from the killing process are then kept in a wooden box lined with blanket for 24 hours, for sweating. The temperature is initially maintained at around 45 …

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Graded beans are transferred to a bamboo basket and immersed in hot water at a temperature of 65oC for periods varying between 4 minutes to 1.5 minutes dependig on the …

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The grading of the vanilla beans is done based on the size and appearance of the beans due to the high correlation between these factor and the aroma of the …

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Vanilla beans are ready for harvest in six to nine months after pollination. The beans are harvested one by one when they are fully-grown and as they begin to ripen. …

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Post-harvest processing and curing of the vanilla beans is an important part of the vanilla cultivation. To get quality-cured beans, one use the experience gained along with sound technical know-how.

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Elephant Baths

Bathing is quite a spectacle, with fifteen elephants submerging and rolling and spraying water with their trunks. The mahouts very nimbly manage not to fall into the water while scrubbing their charges.


Elephant Rides

The true nature lovers tour!  Get it all with this diverse and action packed tour which takes you riding on elephants, jungle trekking on foot, rides and to amazing forest. …