Welcome to New English High School

New English High School, founded on July 2, 1994, the school had its fair share of teething troubles, but has braved the storms and risen to prominence, blazing a trail of success as one of the finest schools in the State of Goa.Affiliated to the Directorate of Education, Government of Goa, the School does its best to impart education rather than mere knowledge. The school has grown by giant leaps and bounds in a short span of time and today, it enjoys the reputation of being one of Goa’s most outstanding schools.


The founding principles of our vision enshrines the fundamental drive to ensure all-round growth and the intellectual evolution of every student into patriotic, confident and mature citizens who are prepared to face challenges at global stage, but at the same time are aware of their roots, origin and culture.


nclusive and collective growth is our Motto. We believe that the truest measure of our performance isn’t marked by mere myopic scholastic growth of a select group of students, but, the depth, quality and all round development of each and every mind seeking education in our school.


Message from chairman’s desk

Mr. Damodar Parsekar

Dear Parents & students,

On behalf of the entire membership of the panchawadi education society & other components, digas Panchawadi.I am delighted to welcome you for the launching of portals pes.edu.in of this great institution founded in 1991, dedicated to the cause of upliftment education of the students living in this rural area of Digas Panchawadi Goa.

I express my sincere gratitude to the founder members of our society who have built their great organisation from a scratch to the present states & have given me the honour to head this society.Our I.T. team and our dedicated teachers have contributed immensely in building this website to lead our school and our village on the map of the world.