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Why Scoop Oxygen

Scoop Industries Private Limited was incorporated on 11th March 1997 under the provision of the Companies Act, 1956.

The Company is a Private Limited Company having Corporate Identification Number. The Company is managed by The Board of Directors.

What we Provide


We have worked around the world and studied the industry deeply. Through the time, we have built a strong reputation and trust as an Industrial Gases Manufacturer with the focus to fulfill our client’s customized requirements.


We have gained an unbeatable ability to make gas supply even in short delivery times, with volume flexibility & competitive pricing. Our high-end manufacturing facilities that make sure that we meet the quality and consistency.


The Quads / Cascade supplied by Scoop are of high quality and provides the solutions to customer’s requirements of continuous gas supply, safe operations and easy handling.

What we do

The Company is into the business of manufacturing and supplying of Industrial Gases, Medical Gases, and related products.

Manufacturing Gas

Industrial Oxygen

Medical Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen

Pure Nitrogen

Trading Gas

Nitrous Oxide

Liquor Ammonia


Ammonia Gas

Bottling Manufacturing Gas

Carbon Dioxide

Commercial Nitrogen

Commercial Argon

Liquid Nitrogen

Delivering Solutions With Enhanced Quality

We Are Committed To The Design, Manufacture And Delivery Of Perfect Product

Being one of the major players in the industry, we consistently engage in manufacturing and supplying of Compressed Gases, Cylinders and allied products. Axcel Gases remains a leading Gases and Gas Cylinders Manufacturer committed to meeting the high level customer satisfaction by offering worldwide supply and services.

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